Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Osage Shareholder Matters--July 2014

Post your comments, questions, information and concerns for Osage Shareholders here.


The Minerals Council FAQ about the Osage Mineral Estate is located at

NEW! Cobell Updates are at located at
To listen to the Mineral Council Meetings online go to

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Conversation--July 2014

You have a voice.  Let it be heard.  It's important for the future development of our new government that the officials we elect hear from us.  You know what to do...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome to the Osage Blog!

Where the Osage Discussions left off, let the new Osage Blog begin. We're here to keep the Osage Nation government honest, to protect the Shareholders and give a voice to the members of the Osage Tribal community. Let us know what you think about what is happening and why.

OPEN Disclosure: The Osage Blog is not affiliated in any way with the Osage News, the official newspaper of the Osage Nation or the Osage Nation Government including any of its instrumentalities or affiliates.

A HUGE thanks goes out to the Osage News for graciously including us on their Resources web page located at We do wish to clarify that this is not the personal blog of just one person or persons because it has been set up as an online communication center in service to all Osages so that we have a place to find out information about what is going on with other Osages around the country, in Osage County and to share our views about what is happening on a daily basis with the new Osage Nation government and its various divisions or entities.

We're ONE YEAR old today,  June 18th, 2014! A BIG THANKS to all of you who are making the Osage Blog an active communication tool for Osages all over the world. Thanks to your participation, we can now report that the Osage Blog has the number one (#1) listing on Google and Bing! We have had 4,743 total published comments in the last year registered on 36 main blog posts. Our statistics for the month are as follows:

Page views all time history: 77,070.

Ten top countries this month:

United States
United Kingdom

Thanks again Osages and keep on Bloggin'...

Conversation--Part 2--March-April-May 2014

Osage Blog Conversation continues at

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conversation October-November 2013

October 2013 comments continue here as we have run out of room for all of the comments to post on one page at Conversation August-September-October 2013.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Conversation August-September-October 2013

August 2013 Comments continue here as we have run out of room for all of the comments to post on one page at Conversation July-August 2013.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Conversation July-August 2013

You have a voice.  Let it be heard.  It's important for the future development of our new government that the officials we elect hear from us.  You know what to do...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Topic: Osage Casino Build Out

Is it fair that the Chief has a consulting company working for him and that Manhattan Builders (an Osage, LLC., subsidiary) is subcontracting the work rather than building it direct as a company?  What do you think about this situation?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Topic: Osage Health Care and Education

For more information about the Obamacare Marketplace and Native Americans go to

The Pawhuska Indian Health Center information is located at  April Gothard is the Director and they have a Benefit Coordinator that may be of help to guide you through what health benefits and programs are available.

Osage Nation Health Limited Benefit Card information is located at

Travel Tip and Advisory: If you travel outside of the United States (leave U.S. soil even on a cruise ship) register with the U.S. Consulate at The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program at

College and Scholarship Information is available at

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Topic: More on the Inaugural Osage Nation Declaratory Judgment Case on Nepotism

View the article, Former tribal judge assisted ON Supreme Court on declaratory judgment case at  See the Final Order SPC-2013-01 in this case at

Congratulations to the Osage Nation Congress who voted to override the Chief's veto on the anti-nepotism bill ONCA 13-53 while in Special Session 6.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Topic: Gotta Love It

This post is just for us Osages to share matters of the heart...

I'm not advertising here but this one did wend its way home: "Look your dog in the eye...

Take a look at these darling precious tiny selves in this photo from the article in the Osage News: ON Prevention striving to improve the lives of Native youth at

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Topic: Osage Culture and other activities in the Osage and about other Osage groups around the country.

at Post your comments, questions, information or concerns about this topic here.


The Wahzhazhe an Osage Ballet website can be found at See also Maria Tallchief Tribute August 9, 2013 at

Items of Cultural interest are located on the Facebook page of the Osage News:
BIG NEWS! The Osage Language Department is seriously beginning to take a look at online classes and is offering a survey to find out the level of interest in taking classes via the internet. See The Survey is located at The Fall 2013 Schedule is now available at The Class Enrollment Form is available at

Wah-Sha-She Park at Hula Lake information is available at

Cultural Activities: See and Archives for the Annette Gore Library Newsletter at

United Osages of Southern California: contact William Myers (760) 500-2266 or e-mail 

Northern California Osage web site: and Facebook at e-mail

Osages of the Pacific Northwest web site: and e-mail

The Association of New Mexico Osages: contact Richard Chissoe at (505) 659-6235 or e-mail and Facebook at

Texas Osages web site: and e-mail

NEW! Association of Osages in Arizona (AOA) at

The Texas Osage Association at